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This initiative by the BACC congregates a select group of wineries, sommeliers and wine trade organizations both in Argentina & the UK with the sole purpose of growing the positioning of Argentine premium wines in the UK map

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An innovative private
wine club

The club is specifically designed and dedicated to work with wineries, wine makers, the hospitality sector, wine institutions, wine services and technology companies with the objective of providing active support on the ground and promote the expansion of the Argentine share in the British wine market through events, training sessions and marketing initiatives.

Expert Led Market Entry

Wineries and wine makers will count on the expert support of a renowned group of wine experts and members of our Advisory Board to enter the demanding and educated UK market.

The Current Market

The Argentine wines' share in the British market is growing but at a slower pace than desired with still plenty of business opportunities and untapped markets where the club will strategically support and create institutional and corporate initiatives with a disruptive marketing approach.

How we Work

The club promotes the wine sector through wine tastings, masterclasses, online sessions, and the inclusion of wine promotion activities within other sectors relevant to the bilateral trade between the UK and Argentina.

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Year 1995

The British Argentine Chamber of Commerce (BACC) is founded in London

Year 2022

BACC organizes its first Premium Argentine wine trade mission to London, UK.

Year 2023

BACC launches first exclusive Argentine Wine Club specifically designed for market experts


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